Pass and ID Cards / DEERS

Pass and ID Cards / DEERS

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Thursday 7:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. by appointment only

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Closed on all Federal Holidays.

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The ID Office/DEERS enrollment is located in Building 606. Customers are advised to call ahead to make sure the DEERS services are available.

Required Documents

1. All documents must be original or a true certified copy.

2. To issue/renew a DOD identification card or Common Access Card (CAC) it is required that individuals provide two forms of (unexpired) identification:

a. The primary must be an unexpired photo identification card such as a driver’s license, state ID, U.S. passport, or current ID card.

b. The secondary can be one of the following: Social Security card, U.S. passport, voter’s registration, birth certificate, or current ID card.

c. Locally issued security badges are not accepted.

d. Sponsors must accompany family members when requesting issuance/renewal of an ID card. Exceptions are: valid power of attorney from the sponsor; DD Form 1172-2 signed by the sponsor and verified at an ID card office and/or notarized; original death certificate of the sponsor if deceased.

Expired Cards: Not acceptable, must bring with you along with two valid forms of ID.

Lost ID card: Present a police report from the Tobyhanna Army Depot Security Office (Building 20) and two valid forms of ID (see Number 2 above). For military CAC you will need DD form 4856, counseling statement from unit. Retiree military and dependent ID's don't need lost report.

Spouse Enrollment: Original or certified copy of marriage certificate from the state, birth certificate, social security card, Medicare card and driver's license. If the spouse is changing his/her last name, the primary and secondary forms of identification must have the new last name.

Newborn Enrollment: All newborns must be added to DEERS as soon as possible. A Live Birth Record from the hospital (including the fathers, mothers and infants information; signed by the attending physician) or a birth certificate is required. A social security card must be presented as soon as one is issued. The sponsor must be present to sign the DD Form 1172-2 or the spouse must have a valid power of attorney.


Enrollment: Sponsor must have a court order that establishes paternity, social security card when issued, the child’s birth certificate or a notarized Voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity from the state the child resides in and birth certificate. The sponsor must be present to sign the DD Form 1172-2 or the individual appointed to have power of attorney by the sponsor with the valid power of attorney documents.

Stepchild Enrollment: Original birth certificate, original social security card and marriage certificate from the state.

Dependent Child ID: Children under 10 years of age do not receive an ID card unless the following condition(s) exist:

1. Single parent family

2. Joint military family

3. Child residing outside of household

Dependents/Full Time Students, Children Ages 21-23: Must be enrolled in an institution of higher learning leading to an associate’s degree or higher as a full-time student and present a letter from the school registrar’s office stating that he/she is enrolled full- time and the expected graduation date. The sponsor must be present to sign the DD Form 1172-2, the spouse must have a valid power of attorney to sign for the sponsor or a valid DD Form 1172-2 signed by the sponsor’s services ID card facility, not more than 90 days old.

TRICARE Young Adult: A new program that is available for children from 21 to 26 years of age. The ID Office will verify TRICARE eligibility in DEERS and a new ID card will be issued for medical and pharmacy benefits only. The ID Office will not have the ability to resolve any issues involving enrollment. If the record in DEERS does not authorize TRICARE, you must resolve the issue with the TRICARE office.

100 percent Disabled Veterans: Requires a letter from the Veterans Administration verifying the individual is 100 percent disabled and whether the determination is permanent or temporary. A DD Form 214 and social security card are also required. Please see above for documentation that is needed for spouse enrollment.

Retiree and Spouse: (65 years of age): Requires retirement ID, driver’s license and Medicare card. Please contact our office to verify if the Medicare Part B is added to your DEERS record before scheduling your appointment.

Reserve Retired (Gray Area): Reserve members who have completed 20 qualifying years for retirement and are entitled to receive retired pay at age 60, but have not reached age 60. Require two valid forms of ID, retirement orders and DD Form 214.

Helpful Links

milConnect: is a web application provided by the DMDC that offers sponsors, spouses, and their children (18 years and older) access to their personal information, health care eligibility, personnel records, and other information from a centralized location.