Organization Structure


To provide centralized analysis and management assistance for mission directorates. To oversee and perform pre-production/production planning. To requisition, receive, store and issue parts, equipment and operating supplies to accomplish mission workload. To develop/implement policies and procedures to ensure product quality considerations. To manage central tool crib and annexes. To utilize specialized equipment in support of assigned mission.

To reach the Directorate of Production Management, please call (570) 615-7618.


To serve as the central point for the solution of all technical issues related to the repair, overhaul and fabrication mission. To develop and improve production methods, solve technical problems and plan for acquisition of new technology. To plan and execute modernization projects related to facilities and equipment within the mission area. To provide automated mission support for critical Automated Test Equipment and mission software systems. To provide expert engineering support for external and internal customers in the form of technical documentation, test procedures, engineering analysis, site surveys, work instructions and standard work.

To reach the Directorate of Production Engineering, please call (570) 615-7886.


Provide logistical support to C4ISR Systems for the Joint Warfighter.  Capabilities include full-spectrum support for sustainment, overhaul, repair, technology insertion, modification and global field support.  Perform overhaul, repair, test, modification, upgrade, technical assistance and installation of: surveillance radar systems, weapons locating radar, aircraft and landing radars, tactical and strategic communication systems, secure communications equipment, avionics communication/instrumentation systems, tactical missile equipment, night vision and guidance control, integration/ modification of computerized equipment, emergency technical assistance tri-service tactical and strategic equipment sites, site fieldings, Total Package Fieldings (TPFs), computer system integration and technical assembly of computerized equipment/ peripherals.

To reach the Directorate of C4ISR, please call (570) 615-8677.


To execute the requirements of the overhaul and special fabrication missions by performing electrical/electronic and mechanical fabrication, refinishing assembly and testing of a wide variety of C4ISR systems, equipment and associated components for the U.S. Provide both CONUS and OCONUS technical mission support for Joint Service Customers.

To reach the Directorate of SIS, please call (570) 615-7854.


Provide full spectrum support of Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) systems and equipment to include: repair, modification, testing, upgrade, fielding, installation, training and reset. Mission is accomplished through a worldwide network of permanent/deployed Field Service Representatives (FSRs) and Field Software Engineers (FSEs) located at forward locations best suited for mission accomplishment. Provide reach-back and reach-across capability across the organization, to fully leverage technical and industrial capability providing a comprehensive logistics support solution for our Warfighter. Provide quality products, logistics, maintenance and training services in a responsive, business focused manner to the Warfighter.

To reach the Directorate of FLS, please call (570) 615-9414.


To serve as the depot's financial manager. To assist the Commander in the management of financial resources and administrative control of funds. To provide programming, budgeting, managerial accounting, management review and analysis and staffing and organizational management services. To prepare, process and review travel vouchers and orders for all depot activities.  To coordinate the Tobyhanna training program and execute the training plan. Provide technical expertise to facilitate, effect, validate and continuously improve productivity, process, product quality and customer satisfaction through the application of innovative process improvement techniques, Lean Six Sigma (LSS), best business practices and root cause determination.

To reach the Directorate of Resource Management, please call (570) 615-7016.


To provide superior installation support to all customers. To establish and support a safe, healthy work environment in order to enhance the Tobyhanna mission and to provide legendary garrison services for our Military Family and Veteran Community.

To reach the Directorate of Installation Services, please call (570) 615-5102.


To create and sustain a culture of Quality exhibiting operational discipline through order and predictability. Provide technical expertise to facilitate, effect, validate and continuously improve process and product quality, productivity and customer satisfaction through employee involvement and the application of innovative Quality tools and techniques, best business practices, root cause determination and preventative quality engineering.

To reach the Directorate of Quality Management, please call (570) 615-2916.