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NEWS | May 3, 2022

Tobyhanna Employees Receive Recognition for Earning Electronics Certification

By Mr. Justin Kucharski

Tobyhanna Employees Receive Recognition for Earning Electronics Certification | Article | The United States Army

Tobyhanna Army Depot (TYAD) employees who achieve the Certified Electronics Technician (CET) accreditation are now being publicly recognized for their accomplishment.

CET status can be achieved at a few levels, the first being the Associate Level, then the Journeyman Level, Senior Level and finally, the Master Level. Once certification at any level has been obtained, yearly renewal is required in order to ensure technicians are keeping up with advances in technology.

The CET initiative is directly aligned with Tobyhanna’s long-range strategic plan, TOBY2028, particularly the Invest in Our People, Shaping the Future and C5ISR Readiness lines of effort.

Employees who achieve any level of certification will be honored with their name and photo on a plaque displayed near the C4ISR Directorate Office. The effort is designed to ensure employees are receiving the recognition they deserve for putting in the hard work required to pursue the certification.

Electronics worker Adam Zuroski is among recent recipients of the certification. He said he thinks it is great that TYAD is recognizing those who have been obtaining the CET certification which will benefit the depot’s customers.

“I think it is fantastic. I really appreciate the support from my supervisors and all of my peers,” said Zuroski. “Being able to say we have certified technicians working on customer assets will be great for Tobyhanna.”

Electronics Mechanic Leader Brian Kohn is another recent recipient of the CET certification. He said he believes becoming certified has made him more prepared for his professional future.

“I believe earning this certification has prepared me for the work that is to come,” said Kohn.

Obtaining a CET certification has proven to be a great benefit to TYAD. As more employees earn it, work becomes more efficient, customer satisfaction increases and it gives the depot a competitive edge against competitors.

Depot officials state that employees receive a significant benefit from earning the certification as well as it keeps them up-to-date on current best practices in the industry and proves their commitment to the warfighter, who is the most important beneficiary. As employee confidence and commitment increases, warfighter satisfaction increases.

Chief of the Avionics Division John Stochla said he believes those who choose to pursue a CET Certification will be set up for success today and into the future.

“I believe education improves development on a personal level. [The CET program] is very good for refreshing people’s expertise and this is one step in our progression that will keep our development high,’ said Stochla. “I feel we are putting people in a position to be successful.”

Stochla explained that employees pursuing the CET certification will receive extensive preparation to ensure they are confident in the subject matter. Some preparation methods include supervisory coaching, a study guide, a week-long refresher course and the ability to take the exam whenever the employee is ready within a two year span.

Division Operations Manager Jeffery O’Neill said he believes earning the CET certification adds even more capabilities to TYAD’s already talented workforce.

“Certified Electronics Technician certifications provide proof of your knowledge in the electronics field,” said O’Neill. “We all need to challenge ourselves periodically, I would encourage anyone who is interested in additional information on the CET to reach out to your directorate POCs.”

Zuroski said although passing the exam was tough and required a lot of studying, it is very attainable to those who put in the effort.

“I enjoy challenges, so obtaining the CET certification really gave me something to work for,” said Zuroski. “Passing it definitely gave me a lot of personal gratification.”

Kohn echoed Zuroski’s sentiments, emphasizing that earning the certification is worth it and that people shouldn’t be deterred by the work.

“You’re never going to become a jedi if you don’t pick up your lightsaber,” said Kohn. “You have to know the book to pass the test, but earning the certification is very attainable.”

Employees interested in obtaining the CET self-paced study guide can reach out to the Employee Development Division at X56492. The guide is published by Electronics Technicians Association, International (ETA-I) and falls in- line with the computerized exam. For further information regarding the certification, employees can visit the ETA-I website at

Tobyhanna Army Depot is a recognized leader in providing world-class logistics support for C5ISR systems across the Department of Defense. Tobyhanna’s Corporate Philosophy, dedicated work force and electronics expertise ensure the depot is the Joint C5ISR provider of choice for all branches of the Armed Forces and industry partners.

Tobyhanna’s unparalleled capabilities include full-spectrum logistics support for sustainment, overhaul and repair, fabrication and manufacturing, engineering design and development, systems integration, post production software support, technology insertion, modification, foreign military sales and global field support to our joint warfighters.

About 3,700 personnel are employed at Tobyhanna, which is located in the Pocono Mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania. Tobyhanna Army Depot is part of the U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Command. Headquartered at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, the command’s mission is to empower the Soldier with winning C5ISR capabilities.