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NEWS | Jan. 25, 2021

Mobile depot maintenance leaders face unique challenges

By Ms. Erica Carrescia

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a job where you get to travel the world repairing military equipment? These individuals spend countless weeks and months on the road helping to assist our Warfighters in the field. These individuals work through all sorts of weather, rain, snow, burning hot sun, and recently a global pandemic.

What is a Mobile Depot Maintenance (MDM) Leader? MDM Leaders are highly skilled, highly professional employees who possess skills needed to adapt to everyday change. These employees perform the initial evaluation of van and shelter repair requirements and condition of corrosion control coatings at worldwide operational sites or field locations, and then perform and leads teams in accomplishing MDM repair, application of corrosion control coatings, testing, and final check-out of those systems.

Migdalia “Millie” Cintron, Tobyhanna Army Depot’s first female MDM Leader in the C4ISR Finishing Division has been in the position for a few months now. “After the years of experience and learning all the trades in various departments it was time to step up the ladder.” said Millie. The traveling and opportunities to meet other Depot Leaders is what draws Millie to the position. “What makes me proud to be an MDM Leader is the compassion and love I received from people throughout my travels. Also knowing what I can accomplish and exceed all expectations.”

MDM Leaders are knowledgeable of the techniques and procedures used in several occupations, e.g., Electrician, Sheet Metal Mechanic, and Refinishing Trades. Although the job has many perks there are some challenges including time spent away from family as well as dealing with weather conditions. “There are many hurdles, but the most difficult is easily the time spent away from my family.” Mike McDermott, an MDM Leader in the C4ISR Finishing Division states. “Any MDM Leader would easily tell you that a constant challenge would be environmental. Wind, rain, snow, heat or cold have their own unique challenges. For example, I was once TDY to Okinawa, Japan and had to ride out not one, but two Typhoons as well as a few close calls with tornadoes whilst in the Midwest.” He concludes.

“MDM Leaders are well versed in more than what we do here at the depot. These individuals do everything from corrosion control, preform evaluations of equipment, and communicate with Soldiers in field.” Tom Petroski, Chief of the C4ISR Finishing Division, “It’s a thankless job. No one sees what they’re doing while they are out in the field.” he added. The outstanding performance of our MDM Leaders and teams is evident in the positive feedback we receive from the soldiers in the field.