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NEWS | July 27, 2020

Program showcases organization’s role models, leaders

By Ms. Jacqueline Boucher

A job well done by employees makes it easier for Tobyhanna Army Depot to manage its business.

Jill Drake, quality assurance assistant, and Gavin Walker, information technology (IT) specialist/network, were named the Tobyhanna Army Depot Employee of the Quarter for the second quarter of fiscal year 2020, junior and senior categories, respectively.

Drake manages Tobyhanna’s warranty program and inventories material identified to be defective or damaged. She says the job she does helps the warfighter.

“I do not have the mechanical or electrical abilities that many have here, but I am proud that I can use the skill set I possess to support the mission.” Drake said. “While working here I’ve learned a lot about navigating conflicts and challenging conversations.”

Drake works in the Quality Management Directorate’s Quality Assurance Division. Her depot career began 10 years ago.

Coworkers applaud Jill for her willingness to volunteer to help around the division. It’s not unusual for her to assist the administrative staff with timekeeping duties among other tasks. She’s also known for cultivating an environment of peer recognition.

“Jill consistently speaks up for other members of the team to assure their efforts do not go unnoticed by senior leaders,” said John Dabbieri, former acting division chief. “She is extremely dependable and provides a constant example for others to strive for by performing her duties with passion and dedication.”

Drake attributes her success to the people she works with and a challenging job that keeps her motivated.

“I am fortunate to have coworkers I like and respect,” Drake said. “The work we do is essential to Soldier readiness. It is humbling to know the workforce here helps our military accomplish their mission and stay safe.”

Walker plays a critical role in ensuring depot and tenant organizations are able to conduct business using the network. His responsibilities include maintaining network connectivity, ensuring new network devices are properly configured and operational. The IT expert also manages circuit actions required for tenant agencies in addition to troubleshooting point-to-point connections running from infrastructure edge switches to end-user devices.

“Gavin’s depth of knowledge and his innovative problem solving skills and doctrinally sound solutions have been his major contribution to the success of the branch,” said William Moody, Installation Services Directorate’s Network Operations Branch chief. “He seeks and maintains a personal relationship with the user community by anticipating and responding to requests in a timely and courteous manner.” Moody also applauded the amount of time and money Walker has saved the government through his stewardship of material and equipment.

“Anyone can be an asset to the organization with a little bit of hard work and hustle,” said Walker, who works in the Installation Services Directorate’s Information Management Division. “Nothing can stop you from reaching your goals if you are willing to make sacrifices to accomplish them.”

Great leaders know how to communicate with team members to get the job done, according to Walker, who explained it’s important to learn and apply different types of leadership styles. Being a mentor is something he takes seriously.

“Gavin takes the time to explain requirements and resolutions to new technicians,” Moody said. “His interpersonal skills have resulted in by-name requests for assistance.”

Recognizing employees for a job well done is directly linked to one of the Toby 2028 objectives -- Invest in our People. The objective centers on developing an agile and innovative workforce dedicated to providing the best value to the warfighter. The quarterly awards program identifies and rewards junior-, senior- and supervisor-level employees who, in the performance of their assigned duties, have established a pattern of excellence. Nominations may be submitted by co-workers, who work with the nominee, directly or indirectly, with a minimum of at least four nominators or by an employee’s supervisor.

Winners will receive a special parking space for the quarter, a $500 On-The-Spot Award and a plaque. Winning packages are automatically forwarded to the U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Command (CECOM) to compete in their respective categories. The C4ISR quarterly award winners receive the Department of the Army (DA) Achievement Medal for Civilian Service and CECOM quarterly award winners receive a DA Certificate of Achievement as well as their name on a Perpetual Plaque.