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NEWS | Nov. 26, 2019

Depot's past performance leads to bright future

By Ms. Danielle Weinschenk

Tobyhanna Army Depot's continued success has led to several exciting new opportunities, strengthening its grasp on future Department of Defense (DoD) maintenance requirements.

The depot recently welcomed its newest workload, the U.S. Navy RIM-7 Sea Sparrow, a ship-borne anti-missile weapon system. The Sea Sparrow is considered a critical component of naval defense systems and is valuable against sea-skimming missiles.

"Sea Sparrow came to us based upon the success of our RAM Launcher Program," said Rob Fried, a Logistics Management Specialist in the Production Management Direcorate. "It was great to see that our job well done resulted in a happy customer and increased workload." The Sea Sparrow program is currently funded for 21 assets this current fiscal year and increases workload for Tobyhanna's overhaul and refinishing cost centers.

The depot's Sustainment Planning Division is in the process of preparing for additional new workload. The test and repair maintenance program for the components of the U.S. Army AN/TPQ-53 radar will arrive later this year. Like its predecessors the AN/TPQ-36 and AN/TPQ-37 medium range radars, the AN/TPQ-53 aids troops by detecting, classifying, tracking and locating enemy attacks.

New workload opportunities were also the topic of discussion during the September Association of the United States Army luncheon. The luncheon's panel discussion featured Dr. Portia Crowe, Chief Data Officer Army Futures Command's Network Cross-Functional Team and Lt. Col. Brandon Baer, Product Manager for Helicopter and Multi-Mission Radios, Project Manager Tactical Radios. Both speakers said the tour of depot operations gave them many ideas for future partnerships with the depot.

"It's phenomenal walking around here. The opportunities we have to work with you are abundant," said Dr. Crowe. "It's really been eye-opening. I look forward to leveraging your capabilities to help the Army meet its future goals."

The depot's commander, Colonel John McDonald, says he's confident Team Tobyhanna can meet any DoD requirement going forward.

"Tobyhanna's emphasis on modernization to support our strategic partners is vital to successful collaborative efforts that will ensure readiness of the Army's future force," he said. "With significant investment in our facilities, equipment and development of our workforce, we are confident we can sustain hardware and software requirements today, tomorrow and well into the future."