NEWS | Nov. 13, 2019

Depot upgrades water supply, installs new tanks

By Ms. Jacqueline Boucher

Massive water tanks on Powder Smoke Ridge store more than a million gallons of safe drinking water for distribution to Tobyhanna Army Depot, and a handful of homes and businesses in the local community.

Workers are nearly finished assembling the two new tanks constructed of engineered pre-cast, pre-stressed concrete, which are replacing the original tanks built in 1959. The project includes tying the water mains for the new tanks into the pump house constructed about seven years ago.

Subject matter experts from depot organizations worked with the contractor to design and install the storage tanks in little more than a year.

"The contractor has worked hard to keep the project running smoothly and ahead of schedule," said Michael Boylan, contracting officer representative (COR) for the nearly two million dollar project. "It's possible the tanks will be completed next month."

According to Boylan, personnel from the Installation Services Directorate's Environmental and Roads and Grounds branches were instrumental in the successful, timely completion of the project.

A large-scale project like this requires proper permits be submitted to the appropriate authorities, adherence to regulatory requirements, numerous meetings and coordination with a number of environmental organizations.

Personnel working on the project tracked the construction phase and provided regular updates to the team. Tobyhanna's water operators monitored operations throughout the project and environmental experts made sure the project complied with state and federal standards.

"There are a lot of moving parts to a plan this size," said Amalia O'Brien, depot water program manager. "Teamwork was a common theme throughout this project. Everyone had a part to play and they all performed well."