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NEWS | July 9, 2019

Workforce recognizes successful supervisors

By Jacqueline Boucher

Great leaders are well-known for motivating their teams, creating trust and empowering others to achieve greatness. These character traits exemplify the careers of three veteran Tobyhanna Army Depot supervisors.

Senior leaders and peers applauded Chet Schultz, chief of the Navigation Systems and Flight Control Systems branches, Frank Egidio, Range Threat Systems Project Management Branch chief, and Depot Counsel Marti Verbonitz, chief of the Legal Office, as each administrator was named Supervisor of the Quarter for one of the last three quarters.

Egidio is assigned to the Production Management (PM) Directorate, Schultz works for the C4ISR Directorate and Verbonitz is part of the command group.

It's not uncommon for Schultz to drop what he's doing to help others resolve problems or go the extra mile to meet customer requirements, according to the coworkers who submitted the nomination form. The document also describes Schultz as a strong proponent of Lean principles.

"Chet is one of our model supervisors," said Kenneth Stuccio, lead interdisciplinary engineer. "He is an inspiration to branch employees and personnel who work in other depot shops." Stuccio is assigned to the Production Engineering Directorate's ISR Engineering Division.

Employees in the Navigation Systems and Flight Control Systems branches overhaul, repair, modify, test and install Black Hawk flight control instruments and navigation equipment. The shops boast more than 40 personnel who also support Navy, Army and Air Force communications systems.

"His work ethic and communication skills make him a valuable asset to the depot and the warfighter he supports," said Electronics Mechanic Joe Lucas, C4ISR Directorate's Avionics Division. "His cost centers consistently produce high volume and high quality products."

As branch chief, Schultz frequently partners with other depot organizations to make sure employees have every opportunity to produce quality products, on time and in budget.

"I want everyone to be successful, to strive to do their best in everything they do," Schultz said, explaining that he enjoys spending time with people building positive relationships. "This is not just a job. The work we do can directly affect someone's life."

Joe Martin said he's known Schultz for quite a while, but just started working with him after moving into the depot's Electronics Maintenance Enclosure last year.

"I have great respect for Chet," the Systems Support Branch chief said. "He's sincere and always willing to help others."

Verbonitz makes legal and business recommendations that ensure Team Tobyhanna excels while complying with the rules and regulations that govern the Army Working Capital Fund.

"Marti displays selfless service in all aspects of her employment at Tobyhanna," said JoAnn Jones, paralegal specialist. "She truly cares about her employees' well-being and encourages everyone to excel in their professional and personal lives."

According to Legal Assistant Lisa Madrigal, Verbonitz also volunteers her time at the depot and in the local community.

Eric Hammerschmidt is one of the attorneys who work in the Legal Office, and in his opinion, Verbonitz 'flawlessly' accomplishes her duties every day. She has been influential in protecting Tobyhanna from liability on a number of occasions, he added.

"Verbonitz is an ideal leader," Hammerschmidt said. "She practices what she preaches by working hard, taking ownership and showing loyalty to Tobyhanna and the Department of the Army."

Egidio provides support for his team to explore new and better ways to accomplish the mission, according to statements included on the nomination form. By doing this, employees claim the branch chief creates a risk tolerant environment that fosters innovation and trust.

"His approach enhances the team's critical thinking and decision making skills," said Jessica Carter, chief of the Production Management Directorate's ISR Production Management Division. "Frank drives our operations forward, providing clear direction to his team, ensuring deadlines and schedules are met."

Egidio supervises employees who overhaul range threat systems. The team works with Air Force customers to identify workload requirements and develop schedules. He also monitors and controls the cost and schedule of these assets as they move through the programmed depot maintenance overhaul process.

"I do my best to lead and support my team to accomplish our mission every day," Egidio said. "What we do here makes a difference in the success of our joint warfighters."

The supervisor of the quarter award identifies and rewards senior-level employees and leaders, who in the performance of their assigned duties, have established a pattern of excellence for the period during which the nominations are being solicited. The nominations may be submitted by co-workers, who worked with the nominee, directly or indirectly, with a minimum of at least four nominators or by an employee's supervisor.

Winners will receive a special parking space for the quarter, a $500 On-The-Spot Award and a plaque. Winning packages are automatically forwarded to the U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Command (CECOM) to compete in their respective categories. The C4ISR quarterly award winners receive the Department of the Army (DA) Achievement Medal for Civilian Service and CECOM quarterly award winners receive a DA Certificate of Achievement as well as their name on a Perpetual Plaque.