2023 Tobyhanna Army Depot Business Intelligence Summit

Photo of 2023 Tobyhanna Army Depot Business Intelligence Summit June 6-7, 2023, Tobyhanna PA

All over the world, organizations are using data and analytics to make better business decisions. The Army has identified the importance of business intelligence (BI) and has made great strides in building the tools necessary to enable more data driven decisions.  Organizations across the Army are building BI teams, tools, and processes to leverage data analytics in their organization.  Within Amy Material Command (AMC), many of the organizations use the same data sources and share many of the same key performance indicators (KPIs).  These similarities allow for effective collaboration and efficiencies gained through sharing successes, challenges, and innovations.  BI is not a passing fad and is becoming the foundation of business decisions moving forward and a key factor in staying competitive with private sector competition.



  • Synchronizing leaders, analysts, and IT personnel within AMC on effectively leveraging business intelligence with AMC’s modernization efforts​
  • Building awareness of new technology within the field and how it impacts business intelligence​
  • Developing relationships and collaboration opportunities around business intelligence within AMC​
  • Providing updates and discussions around BI projects taking place within AMC​
  • Building more awareness and strategy with senior leaders on adopting business intelligence processes in decision making


Who Should Attend?

Analysts, developers, and Designers

We will be discussing design tools, use cases, and best practices that would be beneficial for anyone responsible for developing dashboards and automation within their organizations.  Presenters from around AMC who are leading the way in key technologies will share what they are doing and provide demonstrations of what it looks like and how it can benefit your organization.  There will also be times to interact with presenters and connect with peers to build relationships on how you can take the next steps on taking ideas to make changes in your organization.

Senior Leadership

We are strongly encouraging participation from senior leaders because successful business intelligence needs to be integrated into the organization's business processes.  These can be challenging tasks and require organizational change management to successfully implement these types of changes.  All organizations are struggling with these types of challenges and the leadership tract of the summit will provide sessions that focus on best practices to follow and provide an opportunity for leaders to discuss and learn from each other as well.



Registration has closed as of 5/30/2023, however you can still attend the event through MS Teams without registering by using the information below.  if you have any questions or need to edit your registration, please contact the Tobyhanna Business Intelligence team at usarmy.tyad.usamc.mbx.tyad-business-intelligence-group@army.mil


Microsoft Teams Sessions:

Please Note, the MS Teams sessions will not be interactive, they are intended to be more of a view only webinar.  Due to the size and scope of the event, there is not enough time in the sessions to provide a more engaging experience for those participating through Teams.  If there are questions that arise during the event, we will be providing presenter contact information at the conclusion of the event. You are encouraged to reach out to directly to those presenters. 

LEADERSHIP TRACK: Leadership Track

DATA/VIZ TRACK: Data Visualization Track

Day 2 Joint Sessions: Day 2 Joint Track



Agenda Day 1



Agenda Day 2


Thank you for your interest and registration for the Tobyhanna Business Intelligence Summit. There are a variety of events planned for the summit and the Tobyhanna Team is excited to have you!

The event will begin promptly at 0800 on Tuesday and will conclude at 1530 on Wednesday.  Attendees are welcome to arrive as early as 0700 each day.


The food package includes morning and afternoon refreshments as well as your choice of lunch on both days. The cost is $21 per day and is provided through MWR. If you do not wish to register for the food package, the Tobyhanna cafeteria will be available in Building 11 for food and drink purchases during lunch.

Registration for food is officially closed.


A no host social is scheduled following Day 1 at Food and Fire BBQ Taphouse in Moosic, PA.


The final day of the BI Summit with conclude with a dashboard showcase! This is an opportunity to demonstrate your organization’s dashboards and vote on your favorite, as well as gather new and innovative ideas!  If you wish to participate, please register here:  Showcase Registration


 We look forward to seeing you soon!

- Tobyhanna Business Intelligence Team


BI Summit questions can be directed to:
Chief of Business Intelligence Team
Tobyhanna Army Depot
(570) 615-5754