Tactical Vehicle and Component Repair and Overhaul Support

TYAD Tactical Vehicle and Component Repair/Overhaul Support Shops provide 125,000 square feet to work on any piece of electronic equipment that goes into HMMWV, Joint Light Tactical Vehicles (JLTV), Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles, 5-to-7-ton vehicles, various sized shelters, vans and trailers. In order to work on such large machinery, the depot utilizes lifts capable of raising up to 60,000 pounds and overhead cranes capable of raising up to 10,000 pounds. These capabilities and equipment allow depot artisans to fabricate, install, modify, repair, test and overhaul the brake, steering, suspension, electrical, body, chassis, drivetrain, and powertrain systems with system specific modifications of the vehicles that process through this facility located at TYAD in Northeastern PA. The intent of the shop is to ensure that TYAD does not just provide communications electronics equipment maintenance but enables the depot to provide full system level maintenance and sustainment, from weapon system to housing encasement to prime mover.


The TYAD component repair/overhaul support shop capabilities include working on trailers up to 53’ in size, 8k-144k BTU environmental control units (ECU) and 2KW-200KW power generation units.  In addition to electrical work, the depot also has the capability to work with different fabrics, perform carpentry and handle composite repair. Some of those capabilities include fabrication, laser cutting, computerized numerical control (CNC) conveyer cutting, heat welding, CNC sewing, engraving, etching, kitting, crating, and framing along with handling the installation of cloth, rubber, foam, PVC vinyl laminated fabric, polypropylene, thermoplastic rubber, foil insulation, nonwoven polyester, weldable webbing, acrylic fabric, and weldable Velcro. All of which is done by our EPA 608 certified technicians either within our walls or on-site all around the world with globally deployable teams to provide that expeditionary service and support to customers at the point of need.


Photo of Fabric sewing machine Photo of CNC Machine in carpenter shop Photo of single lifts in shop area


For additional information on these capabilities, please contact usarmy.tyad.usamc.mbx.capability-inquiry@army.mil.