The vast TYAD fabrication capabilities allow the artisans to seize control of workloads in our 80,000 square feet of workspace thanks to not only the quality of our workforce and equipment, but the quantity as well. The depot’s fabrication operations include 16 computerized numerical control (CNC) vertical milling stations, CNC horizontal milling centers, bridgeport milling centers, four CNC lathes and manual lathes, five press brakes, two water jets, two laser cutting centers, two punch presses, and 20 weld booths that utilize stronghold weld fixturing tables for repeatable weld processes that allow for a reduced set up time and an overhead crane capable of holding three tons. This machinery grants us the ability to handle workloads of small and large sizes.


Depot artisans are required to hold 13 certifications from the American Welding Society (AWS) classifications of Aluminum/Steel/Stainless Steel which includes the world-class standard for metal inert gas (MIG) and tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding aluminum. Additionally, our team also maintains seven certifications for working on armor plated, quenched and tempered materials.


The quantity of fabrication equipment at TYAD provides us with the unique opportunity to manage numerous differing workloads at any given moment and to complete them in a timely manner so they can be ready for our nation’s Warfighters.


Photo of punch press Photo of CNC machine Photo of a welder


For additional information on these capabilities, please contact usarmy.tyad.usamc.mbx.capability-inquiry@army.mil.