Top Photo is an aerial view of Tobyhanna Army Depot with Radar sites, an AN/TPY-4, an AN/TPQ-53 and a AN/TPS-80


Our Mission

A DoD recognized leader in organic life cycle support of radar systems for the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and industry requirements.

Engineering teams develop innovative solutions to sustainment challenges for the integrated systems of today and tomorrow.


Our Facilities

Modernized test ranges and agile facilities enable our partners to cost-effectively meet mission requirements.

​Ten distinct test sites spanning 450 acres are dedicated to sustaining more than 20 radar systems enabling operation and calibration from L to K band.


Our Workforce

Organic radar sustainment expertise was established working side-by-side with our industry partners and enhanced by continuing education in Radar Systems Engineering from The Georgia Institute of Technology.

​Technical teams provide expertise guided by over 20 years of solving radar lifecycle sustainment challenges.



For additional information on these capabilities, please contact usarmy.tyad.usamc.mbx.capability-inquiry@army.mil.