Capability Development

Often throughout the lifecycle development of a weapon system, Program Offices may possess little to no technical documentation. Tobyhanna Arm Depot commodity engineers perform the research required to determine what if any information is available from government and industry sources. The research includes government technical manuals, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) manuals, specifications, and drawings, and much more. Where information is lacking, engineers will attempt to develop alternate test procedures, equipment, and methods in order to gain some level of capability. Capability ranges from screening for good assets (No Evidence of Failure), testing for bad modules utilizing a mock-up or Built-in Test (BIT) and replacing bad modules all the way to component level repair of Circuit Card Assemblies.

Engineers identify prescribed test equipment and apply it whenever possible/practical: however, suitable substitutes are made due to unavailability, obsolescence, and/or availability of more sophisticated depot-level test equipment such as automated test equipment.

Specialized Test Procedures and Test Equipment

  • Development, Verification, Validation


  • Anechoic Chambers
  • Satellite and RF Antenna Pattern Testing
  • Emulator/simulator files
  • EMI/RFI considerations
  • Laser range testing requirements

First Article Testing

Technology Insertion

Contract Support


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