Communication Security (COMSEC)

TYAD’s Communication Security (COMSEC) team provides full lifecycle support to all U.S. Armed Forces, civil agencies (FBI, DIA, White House, etc) and Foreign Military Sales (FMS).

TYAD manages the Army’s COMSEC repair and maintenance facility with the Communications Security Logistics Activity (CSLA), Ft. Huachuca, AZ.

The 177,000 square-foot facility, with over 8,600 pallet locations, serves as the Dept of Army and National Security Agency (NSA) National Level COMSEC supply chain activity. The facility is also dedicated to the maintenance, repair, logistics, accountability, storage, issue, and fielding of COMSEC and Information Security (INFOSEC) equipment and subassemblies.

This facility is also designated the Army’s service-level destination for secure demilitarization and disposal-related activities.

TYAD provides COMSEC maintenance sustainment support for the Joint Warfighter via COMSEC Forward Repair Activities under the direction of CSLA.

The facility is designated as a limited restricted access COMSEC area with permitted secret open storage space.

TYAD has a access to a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF).


TYAD’s COMSEC Team provides a full range of COMSEC-associated capabilities:

  • Supply and Store Logistics Services
  • COMSEC Material Accountability
  • Government Receive and Record
  • Field Turn-In Material Identification and Proper Documentation
  • Tamper Inspection
  • Incident Reporting as Required
  • Stock, Store, Issue of Classified, Sensitive, and Serialized Material
  • Ad-Hoc Support and Proficient Service of Serialized Accountability and Fulfillment
  • Specialized Material Packing and Policy Driven Secure Shipping
  • Depot Level Hardware and Software Pre-Sustainment and Sustainment Activities
  • Army Level Certified Maintenance Facility
  • Depot Level Maintenance
  • Care of Stock In Storage
  • Test and Inspect
  • Authorized Initialization Requirement
  • Demilitarization and Disposal
  • COMSEC Forward Repair Activities


Example of the COMSEC equipment TYAD services includes:

  • Cryptographic Electronic Key Fill Devices, including the Simple Key Loader (SKL) and KIK-11     
  • Secure Voice Devices like the vIPer
  • Link Encryptor Family, like the KIV-7M
  • INE-InLine Network Encryptors, including the KG-175 and KG-250 Families
  • Crypto Key Generators
  • Tactical Systems like the KGV 310 B
  • Key Management Infrastructure (KMI) assets and software replication
  • Secure Data Devices (SDD)
  • Secure Digital Net Radio Interface Units
  • Various Field Test Sets
  • Secure Terminal Equipment (STE)
  • Single Channel Anti-Jam Man-Portable (SCAMP) Terminal

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