Partnering with Tobyhanna

Partnering Brochure

Tobyhanna invites all companies interested in partnership opportunities to contact our Business Planning Division. Our staff will assist you through the process for a successful teaming/partnering relationship.

Teaming/Partnering starts with your idea or need. Tell us what articles or services would support your requirement, and we’ll assist you in determining if a partnership is viable. Tobyhanna will need a description of the task involved in order to complete documentation on our end.

The depot will work with you on a Statement-of-Work (SOW) and prepare cost estimates based on the SOW.

Additional information may be requested in order to complete the agreement. Any questions can be sent to the

Depot Status

Depot Operating Status

For additional information and Production Operation and Holiday Schedule, visit the Operating Status page.

Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

Provide Full Life Cycle Support for all C4ISR Weapon Systems.

Vision Statement

The Department of Defense’s Worldwide C4ISR Readiness Provider. Today, Tomorrow and into the Future.


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Last update 10 July, 2018