Student Employment Opportunities

Tobyhanna has a continuing need for well-qualified new employees capable of meeting the critical technical demands of our electronics repair and logistical support mission. To help meet this need, in January 2000 the depot initiated a cooperative education partnership program with three Northeastern Pennsylvania colleges that offer associates degrees in electronics technology and electronics engineering technology. Utilizing a combination of classroom instruction and on-the-job work experience, the Student Career Experience Program (SCEP) quickly proved very successful at developing highly competent new technicians for Tobyhanna. Within a few short years, our partner schools grew from three to five, and the program expanded to encompass electrical construction, precision machining, diesel mechanics, automated drafting, carpentry and several other trades disciplines. Subsequent program partnerships with four-year colleges and universities also provided the depot with bachelor's and master's degree students majoring in engineering, business, and information technology and operations management.

In 2012, the Pathways Internship Program replaced SCEP as the depot's primary cooperative education partnership program. As was the case with SCEP, the Pathways Internship application process is competitive, and applicants MUST be in at least part-time student status at the time they apply. Also as with SCEP, the great majority of Pathways Internship participants to date have been -- and will likely continue to be -- associates degree students majoring in electronics technology and electronics engineering technology. However, we anticipate that we will also recruit a limited number of associates degree students majoring in non-electronics trades disciplines, as well as bachelor's and master's degree students majoring in select business and technical disciplines, as the need arises.

Successful associates degree Pathways Internship applicants will typically enter the program at the end of their first school year, and successful bachelor's degree applicants will enter at the end of their 2nd or 3rd year. Successful master's degree applicants may enter at any time provided that they have enough time prior to graduation to fulfill specific program work hour requirements. Following a physical examination and background check, successful applicants at all degree levels will be placed in a depot shop or office, as appropriate, and a senior employee will be assigned as their mentor. They will typically work full-time during summer, winter and spring breaks, and part-time while classes are in session. At graduation, provided that they have maintained an appropriate GPA and have exhibited competence, punctuality and a good work ethic during their time in the program -- and provided that the depot's workload is sufficient to continue to support their position -- they will be eligible for non-competitive conversion to career-conditional status and may then take advantage of the career growth potential, benefits, travel and training opportunities that depot employees enjoy.

In addition to the above-described career Internship component, the Pathways Program includes a temporary Internship component, a Recent Graduates component and a Presidential Management Fellows component. To date, Tobyhanna has utilized the career and temporary Internship components of the program, and may at some point in the future utilize the Recent Graduates component. The Presidential Management Fellows component is not appropriate for the depot and will not be utilized.

For more information about Pathways, please visit the United States Office of
Personnel Management's Pathways website at, or contact the Tobyhanna Civilian Personnel Advisory Center (CPAC) at (570) 615-7292.