FAP Child and Family Welfare

Family Advocacy Program (FAP)

Tobyhanna Army Depot (TYAD)

Resources for Spousal Abuse, Child Abuse and Victim Advocacy

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Spousal Abuse Reporting


Unrestricted Report of Spousal Abuse:

TYAD Law Enforcement: (570) 615-7550

Law Enforcement IS required to notify the Command


Restricted Report of Spousal Abuse:

Victim Advocacy Hotline: (570) 972-6927

This option is only available to victims that are Service members and/or Family members 18 years of age and older

Service members Command WILL NOT be provided with information regarding the Spousal Abuse incident.

Law Enforcement/Military Authorities WILL NOT be notified, unless there is a danger of self harm and/or danger to others.


Child Abuse Reporting in Pennsylvania


Pennsylvania (PA) Childline:


1-888-872-1677 (TDD)


PA Department of Human Services Hotline is available 24/7 to receive referrals of suspected child abuse and general child well-being concerns


Child Abuse at Tobyhanna:

TYAD Law Enforcement: (570) 615-7550

TYAD FAP Manager: (570) 972-6927

ANY incidents or suspicions, of Child Abuse, that occur on TYAD MUST be reported to both TYAD Law Enforcement and TYAD FAP Manager.


National Hotlines


National Domestic Violence Hotline:


1-800787-3224 (TTY)



Military OneSource Hotline:


Available 24/7 online and by telephone

Connects Service members as well as immediate Family members with needed help and professional assistance.