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Tobyhanna Army Depot
Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Directorate

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Field Logistics Support Directorate

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Information Management Directorate

Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance Directorate

Internal Review and Audit Comp Office

Legal Office


Production Engineering Directrate

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Production Management Directorate

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Public Works Directorate

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Civilian Personnel Advisory Center-Tobyhanna

Army Contracting Command-Aberdeen Proving Ground (ACC-APG) Tobyhanna Division



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Commercial: (570) 615-8677
DSN: 795-8677
FAX: (570) 615-





Directorate Mission

To perform overhaul, repair and test, modification, conversion, technical assembly and installation of airborne, electronics warfare and electro-optic/night vision, and their associated equipment to include, but not limited to, airborne communications/instrumentation/gyro, Global Positioning System (GPS) and doppler navigation, airborne and ground countermeasures, electro-optic equipment, and Air force Range Threat simulators. To develop and implement policies and procedures that ensures product quality at the most competitive price.


Signal Intelligence/Electronic Warfare Division
Guardrail Field Service Branch
Electronic Warfare Systems Branch

Counter Fire Division
Q36 Systems Branch
Q37 Systems Branch
Lightweight Counter Fire Radar Branch
Counter Fire Components Branch

Air Traffic Control (ATCALS) Division
GCA/Sensors Branch
Meteorological/Navigational Aids Branch
ATCALS Systems Branch
ATCALS Component Branch

Surveillance Systems Division
Air Defense Radar Systems Branch
Air Defense Radar Components Branch
Interrogator Branch

Electro-Optic/Night Vision Division
Image Optics Laser Branch
Bradley Fighting Vehicle Branch
Tank Thermal/Common Modules Branch
Man Portables Branch

Range Threat Systems Division
Multiple Threat Systems Branch
Threat Emitter Systems Branch
Threat Simulation and Analysis Systems Branch
Mini-Mutes Branch
Transmitters Branch

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