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Repair Overhaul

Systems Integration

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Sustainment Support

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  • Total System Maintenance
  • Technology Insertion
  • Field Support
  • High Utilization of Automated Test Equipment
  • Multi-Layer Circuit Board Repair
  • Warranty Repair
  • Reset
  • Recapitalization

Tobyhanna Army Depot provides full spectrum life cycle maintenance and logistics support for the mission essential Communications-Electronic (C-E) systems of the Department of Defense (DOD).

Tobyhanna's maintenance capability is as diverse as the C-E commodity and includes total systems maintenance, overhaul, minor repair, repair, and return to the user, inspect, and repair only as necessary (IROAN) and others. These capabilities are exercised per the customer's requirement and are integrated into our overall repair process. To enhance our efficiencies and reduce repair cycle time, we employ a variety of Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) such as the HP 3070 "bed of nails" tester. The integration of these flexible processes, a high utilization of ATE, and our technical expertise provide the C-E customer with a one-stop shop for C-E support.

Last Updated on 06-Jun-2013