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Student Employment Opportunities STEP/SCEP:

Student working and learning on Tobyhanna's electronic equipent.

Tobyhanna offers temporary and career development employment opportunities to high school and college students through two programs:  the Student Temporary Employment Program (STEP) and the Student Career Experience Program (SCEP).


SCEP Program Video Link


Tobyhanna Army Depot has a continuing need for well-qualified new employees capable of meeting the critical technical demands of our Armed Forces.  In 2000, the depot entered into a co-op partnership with three area colleges that offer associate degrees in electronics technology and electronics engineering technology.  The program has proven very successful in providing well-trained, highly competent new technicians through a combination of classroom instruction and on-the-job work experience.  Today, Tobyhanna's SCEP has expanded well beyond the original three partner schools and now includes not only associate degree students majoring in electronics, but electrical construction, machining, diesel mechanics and carpentry as well.  Similar SCEP partnerships with area four-year schools also provide the depot with bachelor and master degree students majoring in engineering, business and operations management. 

Associate degree students typically enter SCEP via competitive application at the end of their first school year (end of 2nd or 3rd school year for four-year students).  Following a physical examination and background check, they are placed in a depot shop or office, and a senior employee is assigned as their mentor.  They work full-time during the summer and, when they return to school, are transitioned to a part-time schedule, which they work throughout the fall and spring semester.  At graduation, provided they have maintained an appropriate GPA and exhibited a good work ethic during their time in the program -- and provided the depot's work load situation is capable of continuing to support their position -- they are eligible for conversion to career-conditional status (i.e., same status as an applicant who was hired through the traditional Federal hiring process) and have the opportunity to take advantage of the career growth potential, benefits, travel and training opportunities that all depot employees enjoy. 


In addition to SCEP, Tobyhanna Army Depot also offers opportunities for students to participate in the Student Temporary Employment Program (STEP).  Like SCEP, STEP opportunities are competitive in nature and most prevalent in the Spring/Summer timeframe.  STEP opportunities include positions such as engineering aides, laborers, office automation clerks.  Some are strictly summer positions that allow students to gain some experience and earn some income during their summer vacation, while others fall more in line with formal internships that may extend into, or take place exclusively during, the school year.  In some cases, depending on the participating student's interests and abilities, and the depot's needs, STEP positions may be converted into SCEP positions.

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