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Occupational Health and Limited Palliative Care- The fundamental mission of the U.S. Army Health Clinic at the Tobyhanna Army Depot is to treat and prevent work related injuries and illnesses to the Tobyhanna Civilian Workforce and to active duty attached to the Depot. Limited palliative care is also provided to civilian workers in order to 1) complete the work shift 2) make a determination of work capacity including return to work from non-occupational conditions. A number of required medical evaluations/ examinations are also done in the clinic.

Civilian Workers and Active Duty military personnel should have a primary care physician who manages their long term or chronic health conditions.

Active Duty military personnel not attached to the Depot, military retirees and their beneficiaries should use their primary care provider for all primary care medical services under TRICARE.

Industrial Hygiene- A highly trained professional staff engage in anticipating, recognizing, evaluating and recommending control measures of workplace environmental exposures or conditions that have the potential for adverse health impacts on employees

Immunizations and Travel Advice- will be provided to civilian workers traveling OCONUS as per the destination country, length of stay and other travel medicine considerations. Immunizations will be provided to active duty attached to the depot as required.

Pharmacy Services- Active Duty personnel, military retirees and beneficiaries may have prescriptions filled at the clinic pharmacy, if they have prescriptions from their primary care physicians. It is strongly recommended that you PLEASE CALL THE PHARMACY before visiting at (570) 615-7122 since the pharmacy has limited hours and limited types of medications. No prescriptions will be written by the Clinic Occupational Physician except those required for workers who are ill or injured on the job.

Health Screening- The Clinic may help identify and host health screening providers on a periodic basis.

EMERGENCY SERVICES – DIAL 911- Medical Services for emergencies are available around the clock (24 hours per day/7 days per week) for civilian workers, active duty, and family members residing on post. These services are provided by the Depot Fire Department which is staffed by trained certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) personnel. An emergency is defined as any illness or injury which threatens life, limb, or eyesight.


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