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Preschool/Pre-K Room

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The preschool/pre-k classrooms provide a safe, warm, and welcoming environment for children of this age. In these classrooms you will see an environment that encourages independence, cooperative play, self expression and cognitive thinking. Activities, materials, and projects are carefully planned and organized so children of this age learn the necessary skills needed to be successful in their future academic experiences.

In our preschool/pre-k classrooms centers and play areas include a variety of block and woodworking, area’s for individual and group projects, art, dramatic play, puzzles, reading and writing centers, fine motor skills, math and reasoning skills, cooking, music and movement, science and computers.  The children have the opportunity to work and play in teacher directed activities, independently, and in small groups.

Our highly-trained professional staff communicates each child’s progress through individualized programming and weekly parent reports. Classroom programming and curriculum is designed with activities using The Creative Curriculum, the Pennsylvania Pre-K Early Learning Standards and local school district Kindergarten expectations.

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