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SAS Arts and Science Room

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The Arts and Science Room is a school age classroom where children have the opportunity to explore with art, building, and science.

The art area is designed to encourage creativity, self expression, fine motor skills and imagination through a wide variety of art media. Resources and materials for project design or art activities are also available.

The building area gives children the opportunity to use their problem solving skill and imagination through a variety of building materials and props to include legos, k’nex, Lincoln logs, and wooden blocks, architectural designs, graphs and construction plans.

The science center provides hands-on materials such as microscopes, magnifying glasses, specimens, balance scales, a light box, and a fish tank to encourage children to explore and experiment.

All areas in the Arts and Science Rooms are enriched with new resources and materials to encourage literacy and research. This ever changing area is focus on the group’s interest and educational grade levels.

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