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Working with Tobyhanna Army Depot
How you can become a team member
Services Offered
Types of Partnering


Funding Overview
Characteristics of a Project Order
Characteristics of a Service Order
Characteristics of a Fixed Price Order
Characteristics of a Fixed Rate Order

Credit Cards
Credit Card Orders for Repairs

How Can You Become A Team Member
Tobyhanna Army Depot (TYAD) invites all companies interested in partnership opportunities to contact our Business Planning Division. Our staff will assist you through the process for a successful teaming/partnering relationship.

Teaming/Partnering starts with your idea or need. Tell us what articles or services would support your requirement, and we’ll assist you in determining if a partnership is viable. Tobyhanna will need a description of the task involved in order to complete documentation on our end.

The depot will work with you on a Statement-of-Work (SOW) and prepare cost estimates based on the SOW.

Additional information may be requested in order to complete the agreement. Any questions can be sent to

Services Offered:
Engineering Design
Manufacturing Services
Systems Integration
Lifecycle Logistics Support

Types of Partnering:
Center of Industrial and Technical Excellence
Direct Sales
Work Share Agreements
Facility Use
Contractor Augmentation
Teaming/Partnering is governed by 10 United States Code (USC). The most common sections used are:

10 USC 2474
Requires the Military Departments to designate depot maintenance activities as Centers of Industrial and Technical Excellence (CITEs), authorizes and encourages public-private partnerships, permits performance of work related to core competencies, permits use of facilities and equipment and permits sales proceeds from public-private partner-ships to be credited to depot accounts. Tobyhanna Army Depot has CITE designation for Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) and Electronics, Avionics, & Missile Guidance & Control.

10 USC 2208(j)
Permits depots that are financed through working capital funds, to sell articles and services outside DoD if the purchaser is fulfilling a DoD contract and the contract is awarded pursuant to a public-private competition.

10 USC 4543
Army working capital industrial facilities (including arsenals) may sell manufactured articles to, or perform services for persons outside of DoD under certain conditions. (Extended through FY09 per Sec 844 of FY05 Defense Authorization Act).

Funding Overview

Tobyhanna Army Depot is a Army Working Capital Fund (AWCF) Activity. This means that we establish a buyer-seller relationship with our customers to support the goods and services which they order. Our customers include agencies of the Department of Defense (DOD) as well as many other governmental agencies and foreign military customers.

When a command, agency, installation, or activity wishes to procure our products or services, it will submit a customer order. The customer order may take the form of a Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request (MIPR) DD Form 448, or a Procurement Work Directive (PWD) AMC Form 1095. Agencies within the Army Materiel Command (AMC) chain of command utilize a DD Form 448. Information related to the DD Form 448 may be found in Army Regulation 37-1, Chapter 17, Reimbursable Orders.

Customers within the AMC chain should forward their customer orders through their Major Subordinate Command (MSC), Depot Maintenance Workloading Organization. Customers which are not within the AMC chain should send customer orders through the Communications Electronics Command Life Cycle Management Command (CECOM LCMC). Address is as follows:


Characteristics of a Project Order

  • Same as commercial contract to the customer's appropriation.
  • Extends beyond the life of the customer's appropriation.
  • Normally issued for the manufacturing or overhaul of a specified number of items within a specific time frame for a specific price.

Characteristics of a Service Order

  • Customer orders not meeting the project order criteria are called service orders.
  • Service orders expire concurrently with the current year appropriation cited therein and, therefore, terminate at year end.
  • Generally limited to service required in current fiscal year.
  • Customer orders may be designated as fixed price or fixed rate. Fixed price customer orders refer to a fixed price per item and fixed rates refer to a fixed price per direct labor hour.
Fixed Price Orders are characterized as follows:
  • Project or service order.
  • Work is consistent and supported by Depot Maintenance Work Requirements (DMWR) or other technical descriptions that define prescribed standards of work.
  • Engineered or well documented/verified category II work measurement standards exist for 80% of the labor hour estimate on the order.
  • 2 years of historical experience is available.
  • Established on an end item or workload unit basis. Remains fixed throughout the life of the order.

Fixed Rate Orders are characterized as follows:

  • Project or service order.
  • Applicable to workload which does not have a definitive scope or work, sufficient historical cost data, or requirements are not identified prior to the AWCF budget process.
  • Established on a rate per direct civilian labor hour.
  • The rate will include all funded costs: Direct Labor, Direct Material, Direct Contractual, Direct Other, Production Overhead, and General and Administrative Overhead.
  • Engineered work measurement standards or well documented/verifiable category II work measurement standards do not exist.
  • Tobyhanna Army Depot will provide special fabrication support on a case-by-case basis. We will quote cost, and schedule on an approved Statement of Work (SOW). Preliminary discussions with respect to request for estimates and/or depot interest in fabrication projects are encouraged.

All requests for special fabrication support should be coordinated with the Director of Production Management at Tobyhanna Army Depot. The point of contact for this action is:

COMM: (570) 615-7727
DSN: 795-7727

Any cost estimate requests from a customer for special fabrication projects should be forwarded through the applicable MSC to Tobyhanna Army Depot.

Information related to special fabrication may be found in AMC Regulation 700-2.

Cost estimates will be developed, coordinated, monitored by the Tobyhanna Army Depot, Directorate of Production Engineering via the Programmed Depot Maintenance Scheduling System (PDMSS). Cost estimates for the depot will not be released unless they are coordinated with all depot activities.

To send in a request for any estimate use the linked form AMSEL-TY Form 6183 and send to

When you, the customer, decide upon the type of work to be performed, submit a DD Form 448 or an AMC Form 1095, as appropriate. If you have questions regarding financial aspects, you may contact your appropriate MSC Resource Management organization or CECOM LCMC Resource Management at:

COMM: (732) 532-3743
DSN: 992-3743

Activities that are not within the AMC chain should send funding requests through CECOM LCMC.


Requests for cost estimates and funding requirements for supply actions can be sent directly to DDTP. The DDTP office is:

TOBYHANNA, PA 18466-5092

Credit Card Orders for Repairs
Tobyhanna Army Depot (TYAD) has a program, which allows for the acceptance and processing of customer credit cards for the purpose of obtaining repair work at the depot. The goal of the program is to have all credit card orders for repairs received, submitted, processed, and validated in a uniform and timely manner. The program has a dollar amount limitation of $2,500 per repair transaction and the intent of the program is to target those customers who have a repair need for item(s) under the statutory dollar limit.

Contact TYAD's Directorate of Production Management (D/PM) who coordinates with you, the customer, and obtains Statement of Work (SOW) for the component for repair.

Item will be scheduled for work by the Production Controller in the usual rotation of workload processing (using the customer priority designator as a determining factor)

Upon completion of the work order, the customer will be notified of shipment (for non-local customers) by the controller or the Facility Representative for the FRA. The customer will be required to validate the credit card prior to shipment.

The customer's credit card will be billed for the amount equal to the labor rate multiplied by the number of hours executed, the cost of parts and materials expended, with an additional bank surcharge of 2%.

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