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Career Milestones

Six Tobyhanna employees were recognized for their years of government service during the Length of Service ceremonies.

In addition to service certificates and pins, employees with 40 years receive a gold watch and crystal eagle statue, and individuals with 30 years receive a framed American flag that includes a photo of the depot signed by their coworkers.

Photo of length of service april 3

Raymond Krzak — 40 years, electronics equipment inspector, Quality Improvement Division, Productivity Improvement and Innovation Directorate.

Roger Romiski — 30 years, electronics mechanic, Satellite Communications Division, Communications Systems Directorate. 

Eugene Curran — 30 years, lead mechanical engineer, Engineering Design Development and Manufacturing Division, Production Engineering Directorate.
Photo of length of service April 24

Theodore Teasley— 30 years, electronics mechanic, Surveillance Systems Division, Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance Directorate.

Thomas Talarico — 30 years, general equipment mechanic leader, Manufacturing and Assembly Division, Systems Integration and Support Directorate.

Timothy Donnelly — 30 years, management analyst, Operations Management and Analysis Division, Production Management Directorate.